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For over two hundred years, liquid gold has been harvested by Ioulia’s ancestors on the ancient land of the Peloponnesus. Today her family harvests this very same oil on the very same land the traditional way, hand harvested, cold pressed and produced in limited batches.


Who was Ioulia

Ioulia Kiskiras Antonopoulos was born December 24, 1929 and passed away April 9, 2017. She was the third oldest of 11, and was born in a small southern village called Velanidia outside of Kalamata on the Peloponnesus of Greece. She helped raise her siblings while her mother and father worked the olive farm, providing high quality medicinal extra virgin olive oil. After World War II she traveled to North America (Montreal) and then eventually Venezuela to seek a better life for her, her husband Angelo Antonopoulos and her two children, Stelios and Elena. In the late 1980’s, her and her husband returned home to the same region of Kalamata where she lived in their village home in the mountains until her death in 2017.


Her Mission Our Mission

Ioulia was our mother. She lived a simple life in her quaint Greek village. She loved to pass her time with her husband on the farm, harvesting not only olives but abundant harvests of seasonal fruit, vegetables and flowers. Her five grandchildren (Christa, Angelo, Ioulia, Paris and Electra) would spend magical summers with her in the village. She was passionate and lived passionately by bringing people together over food to show them her love. She used her timeless homemade recipes, olive oil and her elevated spirit to create a bond of love and happiness for her family and friends. She was the “strong one” in the family. And each time we gathered she would always remind us of these words. “Love and health, you need nothing else.”

We now carry on her legacy to a new land with a passion to provide the finest extra virgin olive oil from Kalamata. From our family directly to your table, “Stin Yia Sas” – “To Your Health”!

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We are located at the Park City Farmers Market every Wednesday from 12pm-5pm (June-October) in Park City, Utah at the base of PCMR – First Time Ski Lift. Look for the booth Number 32 providing the best Kalamata Greek Olive Oil in Utah in Park City

Keep visiting our website as we continue to tell the story about our extra virgin olive oil, its benefits and our journey, both past and present. We are passionate to serve you in providing the best extra virgin olive oil to the people of Park City, UT and beyond from Ioulia Greek Olive Oil Co. in Park City

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