The Olive Oil Tradition

For the past two seasons, Ioulia Greek Olive Oil Company has given Park City Farmer’s Market patrons a taste of what we the Grecian's call “liquid gold." This is a tradition we carry for thousands of years and we intent to keep it for many more.

Come see us in person at the Park City Farmers Market

The Park City Farmer’s Market will start sometime in May 2020 from Noon to 5 p.m. every Wednesday through mid-October.  We are located in Silver King lot at Park City Mountain Resort

Taste you never experience

 We have about 3,000 trees that grow the koroneiki olive, takes good care of the trees, which grow right off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.  The fruit is put onto tarps and taken directly to the village press within hours of picking. We use a cold press, and let the oil sit and naturally filter bringing  to your table the real extra virgin Olive Oil taste.